Research Lab

Our psycholingusitic lab started to operate on September 28th, 2017. It is currently located at Integrated Research Bldg. for Humanities & Social Sciences, Room 711.

We are studying language in the mind, using various experimental techniques. From time to time, we also make sure to remind ourselves of what our academic and life goals truly are. We educate ourselves on honest research conducts to avoid questionable, not to mention unethical, research practices.

***************************************************** Announcement *****************************************************

12/08/2017:  Our weekly lab meeting takes place at 9:00AM on Fridays.



Current members 

  • Arthur Melo (D1)
    【Research project】Linguistic relativity project
  • Jamie Taylor (D1)
    【Research project】First- and second-language visual word recognition in Japanese-English bilinguals: A chronometric psycholinguistic study
  • Jinyun Sun (M1)
    【Research project】Visual katakana word recognition: A case of Chinese-English-Japanese 


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