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Our psycholingusitic lab started to operate on September 28th, 2017. It is currently located at Integrated Research Bldg. for Humanities & Social Sciences, Room 711.

We are studying language in the mind, using various experimental techniques. From time to time, we also make sure to remind ourselves of what our academic and life goals truly are. We educate ourselves on honest research conducts to avoid questionable, not to mention unethical, research practices.

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On-going experiments  

日语片假名单词判断任务 ← 募集は終わりました。ありがとうございました。


モノの数え方の実験 ← 募集は終わりました。ありがとうございました。


Current members 

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Arthur Melo   (D2, Humanities) 

Research project

Revisiting classifier-based linguistic relativity: the case of Japanese.


Linguistic relativity, numeral classifiers, Japanese, cognition, language evolution.


Languages differ in how they conceptualize and encode aspects of reality, such as time, space, and color. Linguists and psychologists have long been interested in whether such differences have a significant effect upon speakers’ general cognitive processes. In my project, I investigate how Japanese and English speakers perform in non-linguistic tasks, and if any variance in their performance can be explained in terms of linguistic differences. Other academic interests include the evolution of the language capacity, as well as the cultural evolution of linguistic structure.

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Jamie Taylor   (D1, Humanities)

Research project

Cross-linguistic similarity effects in L1 and L2 visual word recognition: An eye-tracking study


Visual word recognition, bilingual processing, cross-linguistic effects




Jinyun Sun   (M1, G30 Linguistics and Cultural Studies)

Research project

Visual katakana word recognition: A case of Chinese-English-Japanese trilinguals


bilingual processing, trilingual processing, word recognition


Hello, this is SUN Jinyun. I am now on my way to be a psycholinguist. I am tired but happy.  Join us if you are also interested in this field


Miki Ikuta   (M1, Humanities)

Research project

Metaphor comprehension process in L1 and L2


Interlanguage pragmatics, metaphor, figurative speech, English, French, Chinese (Mandarin)


Before coming to this university, jumping into a scholar field seemed quite challenging, and now I admit, IT IS very challenging. Yet, learning something new is a lot of fun, and this environment makes my perspectives enriched more than ever before. For now, my research theme is Metaphor comprehension process in L1 and L2. If you are interested in anything mentioned above, feel free to talk to me.




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